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Tweezers & Plizers
Plizers - the newest plier-tweezer innovation in the industry-combines plier handles with antiacid, antimagnetic stainless steel tweezer tips. Ideal when very fine tips are needed and you desire full hand grip control. Reduces hard finger pinch position, fatigue and CTD. Available with double ergonomic or traditional handles, black oxide finish, closing stop, and ESD static dissipative foam handles. Pressure control set screw stop. ESD Foam Grip Tweezers For added operator comfort and ESD control, special static dissipative, anti-fatigue foam plastic grips are available on most tweezers. They are easier to hold, eliminate the metal to hand contact, and reduce the tight pinch finger position. SAFETY WARNING: Plastic Handles do not protect from electrical shock. Do not use on live electrical circuits. Cut wires or broken tips may fly causing eye injury. Always wear approved eye protection. Tweezers Precision high quality tweezers. Antimagnetic, antiacid stainless steel. Satin finish to reduce glare and improve grip. SMD Tweezers Designed for Surface Mounted Devices. Antimagnetic, antiacid stainless steel. Quick Change Tweezers Antimagnetic, antiacid stainless steel tweezers with changeable tips. Four tweezer frames and a variety of tips give you many different options. Each tweezer frame is furnished with 4 screws. Cutting Tweezers Flush Cutting Tweezers with special "EZ" lever for ergonomic thumb control. Polished carbon steel.

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